How to measure your dog

Important Measuring Tips

To measure your dog you’ll need a soft tape measure, I highly recommend getting out their treats too! Use them to guide your hound and keep them still while taking their measurements.

Please follow Whiptails measuring guide to take your sighthounds measurements before choosing your size from the size charts below. Your sighthounds measurements may vary between retailers depending on how you are guided to measure. 

When taking the back length measurement, ensure your dog is standing straight. Avoid measuring when your hound is laying down or curled up since this will give back an inaccurate measurement. Also make sure to start the back measurement from the shoulder blades, and not the base of the neck. 

I’d also recommend checking your sighthound’s chest measurement between purchases to account for any changes in weight over time.

Despite the small difference in measurements between whippets, greyhounds and Italian greyhounds below, the size and shape of their apparel are considerably different. For this reason, I recommend buying Whiptails clothing according to your dog’s breed and not by measurements alone. 

If you need help finding the right size for you, please get in touch at

start the back measurement at the shoulder blades
end the back measurement at the base of the tail

Whippet Size Chart

Size NeckBackChest
XS (Whiggy)Approx. 11"17-18"19-21"
S Approx. 11.5"19-20"21-23"
MApprox. 12"19-20">23-25"
LApprox. 13"21-22"23-25"
XLApprox. 14"21.5-22.5"25-27"

Greyhounds Sizing Tip

On average, you can expect your greyhounds back length to be roughly 3-5″ shorter than you are used to buying from other retailers. For example, greys who would normally wear a 28/30″ back would need a 24/25″ from Whiptails. The length of all garments is much longer than the length of your greyhounds back. Most greyhounds fit into Whiptails size M. Sizes L/XL are suited for greyhounds larger than is standard for the breed. I would not recommend adding extra length to the back as garments will sit out of shape. Whiptails apparel has been tried and tested with the help of greyhounds around Scotland to ensure the most accurate fit.

Greyhound Size Chart

SApprox. 16"24-25"27-29"
MApprox. 17"24-25">29-31"
LApprox. 17"26-27"29-31"
XLApprox. 18"26-27">31-33"

Italian Greyhound Sizing Tip

If your Italian Greyhound falls between the Whippet XS & Italian Greyhound XL, opt for the XL Italian Greyhound. If your iggy measures 17″ on the back, I’d recommend the iggy XL – Although measurements are similar, between the whippet and Italian greyhound breeds, clothing is shaped differently along the back curve and the whippet garment fit is longer.

Italian Greyhound Size Chart

XSApprox. 8"12-13"Max width 15"
SApprox. 9"13-14"Max width 16"
MApprox. 10"14-15"Max width 17"
LApprox. 11"15-16"Max width 19"
XLApprox. 11.5"15.5"-16.5"Max width 20.5"

Our Services

Do you love our apparel but can’t find a size that suits you? I also accept requests for made-to-measure garments for sighthounds who fall outside of Whiptails size charts, read more about the services I offer here