Would you like the chance for your dog to be a model, and experience an afternoon with them on a commercial fashion shoot?

At Whiptails I am regularly shooting new material in and around Glasgow, which includes searching for dog models to feature in Whiptails advertorial content. This is an opportunity for you and your dogs to get involved!

Quiet locations with limited distractions and no other dogs are chosen to ensure your dog is set up for success. For this reason, woodland locations and city locations with crowds are never chosen. All locations are scouted ahead of time, to determine their suitability and to assess if and at which times they are quiet and distraction-free.  In the model casting form below you can let me know which location types your sighthound feels comfortable in. Most shoots will run over the summer months, during the days with the most light.

Below is a list of the shoots planned for 2024/25 including more specifics about who I’m looking to work with.

  • Greyhounds or galgos for Photoshoots covering the styles currently available in-store (Blondes, Brindles, white & Grey coated greyhounds preferred but not required)
  • Whippets, greyhounds & iggies for video ads (other sighthound breeds and lurchers/ longdogs are welcome that fit Whiptails clothing!)
  • Preferably a whippet and greyhound duo, or an owner with two whippets for a nighttime photo shoot of a new design coming winter 2024 
  • Owner & Hound Photoshoots (Whippet, Greyhounds & Italian Greyhounds – lurchers, longdogs and other sighthound breeds that fit Whiptails clothing are also welcome) – I’m looking for sighthound owners who are happy to get in front of the camera with their dog/s. No faces will be shown directly so your identity will be protected online, so there is no need to worry if you are camera-shy! I will give you directions on shoot. I’ll be capturing silhouettes, figures from behind and close-ups around your body. The focus is the relationship between you and your sighthound. If you are comfortable, I might shoot with your face partially in frame.
  • Photo and video shoots in the Scottish highlands, open to Whippets, Greyhounds, Galgos & Italian Greyhounds – lurchers & longdogs who fit Whiptails greyhound sizes are also welcome. Multiple dogs will be asked along on the day, but you will be asked to arrive and leave with a time gap between sessions, so no dogs bump into each other before their shoot. This gives socially nervous dogs the space and environment they need to feel comfortable. You must keep your distance from the location until the start time you’ve been allocated.

What do you get?

  • An afternoon out with your dog on a fashion shoot. You are welcome to bring someone along with you on the day.
  • Take home an outfit your dog wears for free.
  • A free copy of the selected images for use online. 

What are the requirements?

  • Your dog will need to understand the stay command. This will be done with you standing close by, no need to perform the command at a far distance.
  • You must be able to travel to Glasgow. *Travel expenses are not paid.
  • Your dog must be a sighthound, I’m looking for Greyhounds, Whippet & Italian Greyhounds. Lurchers and long dogs who fit into Whiptails apparel are also welcome to join!
  • You must help guide your dog around on the shoot – I will give you full instructions on how to do so throughout the shoot.
  • Your dog must have a fair level of obedience and can follow your lead, for this reason, dogs under the age of 1 will not be invited to shoot.
  • Please consider how well your dog travels, if you are planning on travelling from outside Scotland, apply only if you know your dog is happy after travelling. 
  • You must sign an agreement, giving me permission to photograph and use your dog’s images and videos as marketing materials at Whiptails. 

Optional (Bonus)

  • In the model casting form below, upload a photo of your dog wearing their Whiptails apparel to show you are a fan of the brand. 
  • The sit command is desirable. 

What happens if my dog has been selected to model?

If I am interested in casting your dog as a model, I will reach out to you with the contact information you provide in the model casting form below. I will check over what your dogs needs are, give you details about the upcoming photoshoot and try to arrange a date with you that suits us both. However, if you are not available to attend within a reasonable time period, I will have to reach out to someone else to take part in the shoot.

Weather conditions can result in a change of schedule, like a delay in the start time for a shoot. For example, if there is heavy rain scheduled for the time our shoot starts, you will be asked to start the shoot at a different time on the same day. However, there is always a chance the shoot will need to be moved to another day. This is a risk to consider if you have to book transport in advance or if you are travelling to Scotland from another country. 

If you have any questions regarding this experience, please get in touch at contact@whiptails.co.uk

Sound good? If you’d like to apply for this experience, please fill out the Model Casting Form below.

Model Casting Form (Dates for 2024-2025)

Before filling out the form, please ensure you look at the Whiptails Size Guide for information about how to measure your dog. Please provide up-to-date measurements for your dog. 

This form is for one dog, if you have more than one dog please submit a separate form for them. If you have multiple dogs, up to three dogs may be asked to participate in a shoot. I will only work with dogs who have a relationship where trust between them has already been established.

You can review, update or delete your application at any time by getting in touch at contact@whiptails.co.uk
Your application will stored until the end of 2025 (31/12/25) and then deleted. 

Please enter your dogs details below:
Before filling out the following fields, please check Whiptails Size Guide and enter up-to-date measurements for your dog.
Please enter your personal information in relation to the questions below. You may be contacted for further information regarding upcoming shoots.